Satico Satellite Innocence

Review: “Innocence” by Satico Satellite

Satico Satellite’s latest single, “Innocence,” is a captivating and introspective track that explores the longing for a return to a simpler time. With its distinct bedroom pop vibe, the song showcases Satico Satellite’s creativity and willingness to break the rules, pushing the boundaries of traditional music.

From the very first notes, “Innocence” envelops listeners in a nostalgic atmosphere, evoking feelings of longing and reflection. The dreamy melodies and ethereal vocals create a sense of vulnerability and innocence, perfectly capturing the essence of the song’s theme.

Satico Satellite, led by the talented artist E-Rock Proper, is a rising force in the music industry, garnering attention for their unique sound and innovative approach. With an increase of 100K fans across social media platforms in just three short months, it’s evident that their music resonates with a wide audience.

“Innocence” has the potential to catapult Satico Satellite into the mainstream, with its distinct bedroom pop vibe setting them apart from their peers. The song possesses a certain allure that draws listeners in, making it an ideal crossover hit that can appeal to a diverse range of music lovers.

Drawing inspiration from artists like Empire of the Sun, Future Islands, War On Drugs, and Beach House, Satico Satellite crafts a sound that is both familiar and refreshing. Their ability to blend elements of different genres and create a unique sonic landscape showcases their exceptional artistry and sets them apart as an exciting and innovative force in the music industry.

With the upcoming release of their full album, Satico Satellite is poised to revolutionize the way people think about music. Their willingness to experiment and try new things shines through in “Innocence,” and it’s clear that they are on a path to make a lasting impact.

Overall, “Innocence” by Satico Satellite is an introspective single that showcases their unique sound and innovative approach. Preview on all platforms here. Follow Satico Satellite  on Instagram and Spotify


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