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Rotate Talk With Marie Dahlstrom

We had the incredible opportunity to interview Danish singer and songwriter Marie Dahlstrom. She shared insights into her latest release, the deluxe edition of her album ‘A Good Life.’ This album is a testament to the many relationships we encounter in life, be it with ourselves, our partners, children, or parents. It serves as a gentle reminder of the complexities we face and the importance of gratitude amidst the chaos.

The album also features a diverse range of collaborations with talented artists like Jay Prince, Kofi Stone, and Cory McKenzie Tribbett, offering listeners a glimpse into Marie’s musical world.

With roots in Denmark and a current home in London, Marie draws inspiration from both cultural backgrounds, infusing her music with unique perspectives and influences. Her musical influences range from soulful legends like Lizz Wright and Dwele to the captivating sounds of jazz icons like Herbie Hancock and Diana Krall. These influences have shaped Marie’s sound and contributed to her musical identity. Delve into the interview below

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RM: Congratulations on the release of the deluxe edition of your album ‘A Good Life’! Can you tell us a bit about the inspiration behind the album and what it means to you?

Marie: This album is about the many relations we have in life, with ourselves, our partners, kids, and parents. Overall this album is a reminder of the many complexities we all are dealing with, and a reminder to be grateful.

RM: One of the new additions to the deluxe edition is your collaboration with Odeal on the track “Nothing On You.” How did that collaboration come about, and what was it like working together?

Marie: We just followed each other online, and Abraham, Odeal’s A&R, helped set up the sessions with me and Daniel (Dandiggas). The sessions were so smooth and natural. The song and vibe was quickly established and it felt very easy working together.

RM: The album features a diverse range of collaborations, including Jay Prince, Kofi Stone, and Cory McKenzie Tribbett, among others. How did these collaborations enhance the overall sound and message of the album?

Marie: These individuals are all people who I admire, and who I feel deliver strong messages in their music and writing.  To me it created an album that also introduces people to my world and I guess, taste in music, from other artists.

RM: On the track “Confide In Me,” you explore the theme of vulnerability. Can you share a bit about the creative process behind that song and what it means to you personally?

Marie: Confide In Me, is written from a perspective of a romantic relationship, and it looks at some of the difficulties that might occur.  It’s definitely a personal song that draws from some of my own experiences.

Marie Dahlstrom
Marie dahlstrom confide in me bts via instagram

RM: As a musician and a mother, how do you navigate the challenges of balancing your career and personal life? How has motherhood influenced your music?

Marie: Becoming someone’s parent has been my main focus and priority the past 2 years – and I knew from before my son was born that I wanted it that way.  I have not had much time for music – and I have been OK with that.  Music is for life and the early years of being someone’s mother goes super quick. I don’t want to miss out on that time, if I have the option to choose – which I know in itself is a privilege. Besides this, motherhood is only reaffirming how much I love music and writing songs.

RM: You recently played a headline show at London’s Village Underground while pregnant, performing to a crowd of 700 people. What was that experience like for you, and how did it feel to receive such support from your fans?

Marie: It was so great! What a nice moment sharing the stage with my 2nd son hehe! It was a great night – I love my band and engineers and their investment into my career! It was extra special performing at Village Underground – which has been a goal for me for a while! And the audience were so supportive! I don’t think they all expected the big belly hehe!

RM: With your roots in Denmark and your current home in London, how does living in different places influence your music and creative process? Do you find inspiration in both locations?

Marie: I find inspiration from both, definitely. I think culturally I am very Danish – a lot of my values and my ideology, if you can say so, is deeply rooted in the ‘Danish way’ outside of music.
I think with music – it’s the exactly opposite – I feel way more connected to London, the people and cultures here! I feel welcome and I feel my sound has a place – which I don’t always feel in the Danish music scene.

RM: As an artist, who are some of your biggest musical influences and how have they shaped your sound?

Marie: I love Lizz Wright, Dwele, Musiq Soul Child, India Arie a lot of Gospel; Ty Tribbett, Fred Hammond, Kim Burrell, Marvin Sapp, etc. Some indie artists, like Tina Dickow! And also lots of jazz, Lars Jansson, Herbie of course, Diana Krall, etc. I think they all have impacted me in different ways, some with sound, some with lyrics, some with arrangement ideas.

RM: Can you tell us about the producers and collaborators you worked with on ‘A Good Life’ and how they contributed to the album’s overall vision?

Marie: Production-wise, I worked a lot with Dandiggas and Conor Albert – they dominate the album sound I’d say, together with my engineers Joshua Pleeter (mixing) and Peter Beckmann (mastering). I think I just wanted to work with people who I feel like I have a good workflow with – I like sessions to be about music and not so much about talking – it really puts me out of ‘flow’ when there are lots of interruptions in the focus – and I know these people who the same way as me, and that made it very enjoyable.

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