OIEE is “Static” With Nomé In His New Single

Hungarian producer OIEE and Berlin-based rapper Nomé have joined forces to release their latest single “Static,” a vibrant and fierce track that promises to captivate audiences around the world.

“Static” is not just a record; it is an experience that transcends traditional narration or description. Its cornerstone elements are groove and mood, built over commercial pop and R&B stylings that move mountains with an alluring attitude, captivating even the most apathetic of listeners.

This electrifying force, as signaled by “Static,” embodies the essence of vibrant and fierce music, compelling listeners to embrace its freeing and luscious energy. The collaboration between OIEE and Nomé has resulted in a contemporary gem that is set to leave a lasting impression.

Oiee Static
Oiee static artwork

Joining them on the production side is Dom Beats, whose contribution has helped achieve an eclectic, sharp, and majestic sound. The result is an experience that speaks for itself, with Nomé’s rolling vocal flow perfectly complementing the record.

OIEE, the colorful electronical solo project of Bence Kocsis, is a well-known name in the Hungarian underground music scene. His main genres include nudisco, dance, and R&B, blending instrumental sounds with tropical and not-so-tropical house, techno, disco, and trance elements, along with modern soul-like vocals, creating a very individual and uncompromising sound.

“I wanted to try what it is like to work with other singers, even in the form of remixes. Many music has gathered in my brain over the years, for which I wanted to make a separate platform. This is more like a production work, less bounded by the band-specific compromises,” said Bence on Index.

OIEE’s upcoming album, “Urban Camouflage,” is set to be released on the 8th of May 2020 and features artists such as M3nsa (UK / GH) and Amaarae (US / GH). The album aims to showcase how the organic is mixing with the artificial, blending the superficial monotony of everyday life with instinctive, deeper energies.

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