Natalie Claro

Natalie Claro Unveils New Single “Reasons I Can’t Sleep”

Los Angeles-based alternative artist Natalie Claro has recently released her latest single, “Reasons I Can’t Sleep.” Natalie is known for her independent approach to writing, producing, and performing her own music, delving into weighty subjects such as politics, mental health, and self-assurance.

Renowned for her commanding vocals and dynamic stage presence, Natalie has achieved remarkable feats, including being invited to Spotify’s Notable Studios and participating in Hollister’s High School Nation Tour. Furthermore, she has shared the stage with acclaimed acts such as Plain White T’s, HalfNoise, PUBLIC, Hunny, Hawthorne Heights, and Grizfolk. Her talent has been showcased at prestigious events like SXSW, Sony’s Balcony TV, and The Knitting Factory’s Women That Rock Festival.

Natalie Claro Reasons I Can'T Sleep Artwork
Natalie claro reasons i can’t sleep artwork

“Reasons I Can’t Sleep” stands as a testament to Natalie’s relentless passion for music and her unwavering commitment to honing her craft, showcasing a youthful energy and artistic depth that promises to resonate with listeners worldwide. As fans eagerly await each new release, they are poised to witness the evolution of Natalie’s sound and style, marking the emergence of a promising talent destined for greatness.

“Reasons I Can’t Sleep” is a testament to Natalie’s captivating artistry and her ability to address profound themes with authenticity and creativity. Listeners are encouraged to experience the compelling sounds of this new release on all major streaming platforms.

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