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Rosalie James Releases Poignant New Single “Soft Target”

Multi-instrumentalist and singer-songwriter Rosalie James has unveiled her compelling new single, “Soft Target,” representing a profound and introspective exploration of neurodiversity and personal struggles. As a musician with a deep-rooted commitment to raising awareness and reducing stigma in areas such as neurodiversity, domestic violence, addiction, and mental health, Rosalie James’s latest release serves as a cathartic and important reflection of her own experiences and challenges.

Growing up in Cornwall, UK, Rosalie James found inspiration in the music of The Beatles, The Bangles, and the impassioned drama of 80s synth-pop and new wave, which fueled her own creative journey as a musician. Her recent Kickstarter campaign raised £5000 in 28 days, demonstrating the significant support for her artistic endeavors and the resonance of her music with audiences.

Rosalie’s forthcoming album, “Full of Chemicals,” is a lush mix of dreampop, indie rock, folk, and Americana, offering a deeply autobiographical diary of her struggles with neurodiversity, toxic relationships, addiction, and mental health. The album, produced and recorded in Los Angeles, encapsulates a circular narrative, drawing from her father’s experiences in California during the early ’70s and the musical influences that have shaped her creative vision.

The lead single, “Girl I Was,” serves as a storytelling narrative of an important but destructive relationship from Rosalie’s past, offering raw and honest reflections on personal growth and resilience. However, it is the second song, “Soft Target,” that stands as a powerful tribute to generations of women who weren’t diagnosed as neurodivergent until adulthood, resonating with those who have faced similar challenges and experiences. Rosalie’s confessional lyrics and soulful voice create a poignant and emotive narrative that invites listeners to reflect on the complexities of feeling “a lot” and the struggle for understanding and acceptance.

Rosalie James’s music is expected to appeal to fans of classic songwriters and emotionally literate indie artists, offering brutally honest and striking lyrics, hooky tunes, and a dreamily soulful voice. With her forthcoming album featuring contributions from notable artists, Rosalie’s work promises to deliver a captivating and introspective musical experience.

As Rosalie continues to use her music as a platform to raise awareness and reduce stigma, her commitment to authentic storytelling and emotive expression shines through in “Soft Target,” solidifying her position as a musician unafraid to tackle profound themes and navigate the complexities of the human experience.

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