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PURPLL HAYZ Unveils Captivating Single “Diamonds”

Suave rapper, vocalist, and songwriter, PURPLL HAYZ, is with his new release “Diamonds,” the first track from his  album “Trap Love.” This captivating single offers a glimpse into HAYZ’s distinct sound and his unique blend of hip-hop, slime-trap, alternate R&B, and pop-rap, fused with poetic rhythms and lush tones.

“Diamonds” serves as a glittering ode to the beauty, essence, and influence of womanhood, delving into the desires and admiration that a man holds for the feminine spirit. HAYZ’s evocative lyricism and magnetic soundscapes paint a vivid portrait of love, allure, and the captivating essence of women, inviting listeners into a world of poetic sensuality and emotional depth.

Purpll Hayz Trap Love

Hailing from the South, PURPLL HAYZ is an Avant Garde artist with an unwavering passion for pushing the boundaries of musical expression. His diverse influences from a wide spectrum of genres have shaped his artistic vision, culminating in a sound that is both distinct and spellbinding. Prior to “Diamonds,” HAYZ made waves with his EP release “Hustler’s Paradox,” which delved into the paradoxes of growth, success, and life, showcasing his versatility as an artist.

Driven by a deep appreciation for music, poetry, philosophy, and art, HAYZ’s artistry is a testament to his dedication to creating music that resonates with emotional and intellectual depth. His deft flows, melodic rhymes, and outspoken confidence are complemented by a bright and charming personality, setting him apart as a truly magnetic force in the contemporary music landscape.


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