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Rotate Talk With Dopsy Flow

Rising Nigerian musician Dopsy Flow is one such artist who has been making waves with his authentic sound and relatable lyrics. Rotate Magazine had the privilege of sitting down with Dopsy for an exclusive interview, where he shared his journey in music, his influences, and his unwavering commitment to staying true to his artistic vision. Join us as we delve into the world of Dopsy Flow, a rising star redefining authenticity in music.

RM: How did your journey in music begin, and what inspired you to pursue a career in it?

DF: For as long as I can remember, I’ve always been able to write music and sing. I didn’t want to let it die in me. I began my journey by venturing into music production. I discovered that the cost of learning compared to the cost per production at the time was somewhat close, so I thought I’d just acquire the skill to fuel my talent. All I did initially was record people and write songs for them. I was always shy to record my own songs, always bothered about how my first recording would sound. But one day, the courage came through, and I did my first recording, a cover of Drake’s “Controlla.” Everybody loved it, even though my voice wasn’t as good as it is now. That was my go-ahead call.

RM: Can you share some of your musical influences that have shaped your style?

DF: I’ve always connected more with Reggae, Dancehall, and Rap music since I was very young. The deep messages in those genres have always resonated with me, even if they’re singing about worldly things. The structure of the lyrics is so defined. I draw influence from great artists in those genres like Burna Boy, Chronixx, Vybz Kartel, Alkaline, Andre3000, Kranium, and Fabulous, to name a few. Their influence is evident in my music today.

Dopsy Flow
Dopsy flow

RM: Who is Dopsy Flow?

DF: Dopsy Flow is a talented Singer and songwriter, he is a guy who has always found a way to survive, never caught off guard and can never be put in a box. Born “Atobaru Adedolapo Adam” in Lagos, Nigeria, into an Islamic household being the first Male child, life & schooling between Lagos & Osun state but now fully based in Lagos, has acquired skills overtime in computer engineering & networking, music production, investing & digital marketing, currently has a career as a Recording Artist & Song Writer, owns a running business (Extraminds Creative Studios), and loves family. So I’m a guy that just realize early my responsibilities and capabilities and I live accordingly.

RM: How would you describe your sound to someone who hasn’t heard your music before?

DF: I would describe my sound as “personal.” My songs can be personal. If I’m not singing about my experience, I’m singing about what my listeners might experience. My goal is to create highly relatable music that allows listeners to visualize and connect with the stories I’m telling.

RM: Can you talk about your creative process? How do you approach songwriting and composition?

DF: I enjoy different creative processes, but my favorite is building up from scratch. I love when the music and lyrics come together, giving me a lot of control over the sounds and song arrangement. It just flows. However, I don’t always get that luxury. Most often, I work with ready-made instrumentals. In those cases, I communicate with the producer, whether it’s myself or someone else, to make the necessary changes in terms of arrangement or adding/subtracting sounds to align with the lyrics. I like to have control over my craft, ensuring that every aspect of the music reflects my artistic vision.

RM: What challenges have you faced as a rising musician, and how have you overcome them?

DF: Starting out, one of the challenges I faced was not having the right information. I used to believe that someone would come and save me, wasting a lot of time. But I’ve learned that the current model of artistry gives you the tools to take charge of your career. So, I’ve taken it upon myself to learn and develop on my own. I’m constantly working on myself, especially to be a better performer and be more social.

RM: Are there any specific moments or milestones in your career that you consider particularly significant?

DF: Yes, it’s always a happy moment for me when I receive a certain type of attention for my music. It leads to a higher number of listeners and attracts well-wishers. Working with certain people in the industry has also been a blessing. These are all personal achievements for me. I believe that God is just scratching the surface, and things will get even better.

RM: How do you connect with your audience through your music, and what do you hope they take away from your work?

DF: I connect with my audience by staying real and being myself. People can see when you’re authentic. I hope that they feel a genuine connection to my music and take away a sense of relatability. I want them to be able to visualize and immerse themselves in the stories and experiences I share through my songs.

RM: Can you share any upcoming projects or collaborations that your fans can look forward to?

DF: There are a few collaborations, mostly with producers who featured me. Personally, I plan to release a good amount of songs this year, either as a body of work or singles (I haven’t decided yet). I’m also excited about having my first music gig, which will be an intimate live performance event. So, help me God!

RM: In the ever-evolving music industry, how do you stay authentic to your artistic vision while adapting to changes?

DF: I stay authentic and committed by evolving too but not being desperate for anything. Just doing it and being happy about doing it. Love!

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