Hénoch Releases Enchanting Single “Give You My All” featuring 10Digits

Haitian-Canadian Afrobeat sensation Hénoch has recently dropped a musical gem with his enchanting single, “Give You My All,” featuring 10Digits. This heartfelt track is a celebration of love and devotion, showcasing Hénoch’s prowess as the ultimate Certified Lover Boy and providing the perfect anthem for couples during the season of romance.

“Give You My All” goes beyond being a simple love ballad; it embodies acts of love, commitment, and the joy of being in love. The song features a catchy hook that lingers in the minds of listeners, accompanied by a danceable and infectious beat that sets the perfect mood for any romantic occasion.

Hénoch Give You My All
Give you my all artwork

Teaming up with acclaimed producers 10Digits and Stevie OTB, Hénoch brings a fresh and unique sound to the Afrobeat scene. The collaboration seamlessly blends Afropop, Konpa, and the unmistakable Toronto sound, resulting in a musical masterpiece that transcends genres. The track showcases beautiful textures, with Hénoch’s vocals harmonizing effortlessly with the expertly crafted instrumentation.

What sets “Give You My All” apart is the inclusion of Haitian Creole bars, adding an extra layer of cultural richness and making it a truly global musical experience. Hénoch’s versatility and ability to create music that resonates with diverse audiences shine through in this release.

Born in Ottawa, Canada, Hénoch is a multi-talented Haitian-Canadian artist, producer, musician, and DJ. With his passion for music and a heart set on Atlanta, Hénoch left Toronto to pursue his dreams. From his musicality to his lifestyle and fashion, Hénoch embodies greatness.

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