ESSEO Releases Lead Single “Different x RichIsWaved” From “Before You Move On” EP

British-Nigerian Trap/R&B artist ESSEO has recently released his latest project, the “Before You Move On” EP, marking a pivotal chapter in his creative journey. With soulful cadences, tropical R&B influences, and a spacey ambient vibe, ESSEO emerges as an exciting rising artist, gaining momentum across his repertoire.

The lead single from the EP, “Different x RichIsWaved,” showcases ESSEO’s genre versatility with its catchy hooks, powerful lyrics, and syncopated melodies. The project as a whole blends elements of his native influences, delivering playful production and candid songwriting that captivates listeners.

Before You Move On Ep
Before you move on ep artwork

ESSEO describes the EP as an exploration of love, heartbreak, and closure, offering a platform to express final sentiments to a past partner before moving on. The themes presented in the EP resonate with a broader audience, ensuring that each song connects with listeners on a personal level.

Drawing inspiration from the nostalgia of the 90s and the sass of the early 00s, ESSEO aims to usher in a new sound era in the UK genre, reminiscent of artists like PARTYNEXTDOOR, Lil Uzi Vert, and Bryson Tiller. His music, characterized by melodic Trap/R&B with ambient and hazy themes of heartbreak and nostalgia, creates the perfect atmosphere for long nighttime drives.

Formerly known as Scorpio, ESSEO has received praise from The Pit LDN, Link Up TV, Niji Magazine, and endorsements from DJ Trevor Nelson and Shabs (Relentless Records). Now embarking on a new chapter, ESSEO promises to make a significant mark on the UK Trap/R&B scene.

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