The Plebs

The Plebs Unveils New Single “Eye Of The Pleb” (Survivor – Eye Of The Tiger – Cover Edit)

The Plebs, a group formed by the $PLEB token community, has introduced their latest single, “Eye Of The Pleb,” a cover edit of Survivor’s “Eye Of The Tiger.” This release marks the debut of their label, $PLEB Records, aimed at producing new singles in collaboration with other members of the community. The Plebs operates within the blockchain, specifically in the memecoin sector, engaging in the intense and creative battle that characterizes this domain.

The track “Eye Of The Pleb” was crafted by TheMoonBoy06 and Angel44, two key contributors from the community. The vocal process involved a meticulous approach, utilizing text-to-speech technology with subsequent AI voice modeling to create a voice that embodies the essence of the PLEB character.

The Plebs’ foray into producing singles serves as a new avenue to showcase their creativity within the competitive landscape of the memecoin sector. By leveraging their musical endeavors, The Plebs aims to make a distinct mark in this dynamic and ever-evolving environment.


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