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Sophie Hutchings Releases Ninth Studio Album “A World Outside”

Renowned pianist and composer Sophie Hutchings has unveiled her highly anticipated ninth studio album, “A World Outside.” Drawing inspiration from a mystical journey through tropical Darwin and the Red Heart, Hutchings weaves an intimate musical tapestry that combines rich strings, electronics, vocals, and her signature solo piano.

Teaming up with electronic classical composer Nick Wales, Hutchings takes the production to new heights, utilizing Dolby Atmos immersive 360-degree audio across studios in Sydney and Darwin. The result is a remarkable piece of contemporary classical music that envelops listeners in hypnotic instrumentals.

A World Outside Tracklist
A world outside tracklist

As a nature enthusiast and avid surfer, Hutchings finds inspiration in her natural surroundings. In “A World Outside,” she breaks new ground by collaborating with esteemed Yolngu songman Rrawun Maymuru from Yirrkala. The track “Cloud Beneath the Sea” showcases the unique blend of Rrawun’s moving vocals layered over Hutchings’ stirring melodies.

“I’m a person who needs time away in a natural environment to make music,” explains Hutchings. “The bigger and more challenging the space, the better.” The album concludes with “The Wind That Circles Us,” a beautifully crafted solo piano piece that immerses listeners in Hutchings’ contemporary instrumentals, showcasing her exceptional talent.

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