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Ruger and Bnxn Shares Collaborative Album “RnB”

The musical landscape has been revolutionized with the unexpected joint Album “RnB” by two of Gen Z’s flagship artistes, Ruger and Bnxn. This release marks a significant departure from the norms of their predecessors, as the two superstars set aside years of online beef and surprise their fans with a collaborative project that transcends boundaries and genres.

Ruger, known for his affinity for the Dancehall genre, and Bnxn, revered as an R&B luminary in the Nigerian music industry, have masterfully crafted an Album that delves deep into their emotions, resulting in a collection of songs that continue to dominate the airwaves. “RnB” stands as a testament to their exceptional songwriting abilities and their unparalleled synergy, as they seamlessly bounce off each other’s energy, delivering a solid seven-track project that defies expectations.

Rnb Tracklist
Rnb tracklist

The Album’s lead single, “Romeo Must Die,” artfully melds mid-tempo production elements that traverse between R&B and Dancehall, showcasing the duo’s versatility. The song’s dynamic lyrics oscillate between self-praise and gratitude, offering a captivating blend of Ruger’s distinctive style and Bnxn’s compelling delivery. The project further explores themes of love, coitus, and revelry, culminating in a musical journey that resonates with authenticity and raw emotion.

“RnB” features production contributions from renowned music producers such as Blaisebeatz, Sarz, and Kukbeatz, creating a melting pot of musical excellence that enriches the Album with a sumptuous sonic palette.

The collaboration between Ruger and Bnxn presents a groundbreaking moment in the music industry, as two former arch rivals have come together to redefine the possibilities of collaboration, setting a new standard for the next generation of artists. With just a few months into the year 2024, Ruger and Bnxn have already left an indelible mark on the industry, challenging the status quo and ushering in a new era of musical camaraderie and innovation.


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