Bnxn And Ruger

Ruger and Bnxn Join Forces For “Romeo Must Die (RMD)”

In a surprising turn of events, Nigerian artists Ruger and Bnxn (formerly known as Buju) have put their differences aside and joined forces for their first-ever collaboration, “Romeo Must Die (RMD).” This unexpected partnership has sparked excitement among fans and marks a new era of collaboration between the two talented artists.

“Romeo Must Die (RMD)” showcases the best of both worlds, with Ruger and Bnxn delivering their unique talents on this joint single. Produced by the skilled Kukubeats, the track combines infectious beats and catchy lyrics, creating a captivating musical experience for listeners.

The accompanying music video, directed by Joshua Albertine, brings the song to life with its visually stunning elements. The video is a visual feast that complements the energy and vibe of the song.

Ruger’s recent departure from Jonzing World and the establishment of his own label, Blown Boy Entertainment, signaled a turning point in his career. This newfound independence has led to unexpected alliances, including this surprising collaboration with Bnxn.

Fans can now rejoice as the feud between Ruger and Bnxn is officially over, paving the way for exciting partnerships and future collaborations between the two artists.


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