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Rex & The Rhythm Blends Psychedelic Soul, Alt-Pop, and Hip-Hop in “Highs & Grows”

Multi-instrumentalist, singer/songwriter, and producer Rex & The Rhythm has just unveiled his latest single, “Highs & Grows.” Inspired by 90s hip-hop legends such as Outkast and A Tribe Called Quest, the track strikes a distinctive balance between psychedelic soul, alt-pop, and hip-hop, creating a cosmic journey of inner-evolution that explores the highs and lows of the human experience.

“Highs & Grows” takes listeners on a kaleidoscopic and uplifting sonic adventure. The song weaves together live percussion, sun-drenched electric guitar, and transcendental lyricism, creating a captivating and unique sound. With reverberating euphoric harmonies, Rex & The Rhythm delivers a track that is both immersive and uplifting.

The accompanying music video for “Highs & Grows,” directed by DannyJFilms, pays homage to Outkast’s iconic single “Hey Ya!” while showcasing an atmosphere of authenticity. In the video, Rex delves into the core essence of his creative process and sincerity as an artist, offering an intimate glimpse into his artistry.

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“highs & grows” cover art

Rex & The Rhythm’s musical journey began with the Caribbean pop group Cover Drive, which achieved remarkable success with three UK top ten hits, multi-platinum, and silver singles. Having opened for renowned artists such as Rihanna, Kelly Clarkson, and Lauryn Hill, Rex has established himself as a formidable presence in the music industry.

After graduating from Full Sail University in 2020, Rex embarked on his solo career, releasing his debut EP, #127 Solace, in 2021. With a blend of feel-good elements from his previous band and a touch of alternative R&B vibes, Rex showcased his versatility and artistry. In December 2022, he had the opportunity to open for Ashanti at The Hennessy Artistry festival in Barbados, further solidifying his reputation as a rising star.

In February 2023, Rex unveiled his sophomore project, Secrets Behind Our Smiles, which showcased his urban contemporary sound and further highlighted his growth as an artist. Now, with the release of “Highs & Grows,” Rex & The Rhythm continues to push boundaries and captivate listeners with his genre-blending style.

Be sure to check out “Highs & Grows” by Rex & The Rhythm, available now, and embark on a cosmic journey of inner-evolution through his mesmerizing sound. Connect With Rex and the Rhythm on Instagram and Spotify.


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