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NBA YoungBoy Criticizes Music Industry as “Demonic”

In a recent interview with Complex at his home in Utah, NBA YoungBoy shared his perspective on the music industry, describing it as “demonic” and expressing the belief that forces within the industry use him as an entertainment product.

The rapper, who has faced various legal issues over the years, including federal firearm charges, acknowledged his choice to be part of the industry but emphasized the need to be aware of the potential self-destruction that can come with it. NBA YoungBoy stated, “It’s a demonic industry that I chose to be a part of. So it’s like, I accept it. I run with it. But don’t be a dummy at the same time. You gotta understand, they’re using me as entertainment. And this sh*t becomes self-destruction too, ’cause I ain’t an entertainer.”

YoungBoy has been on house arrest in Utah since 2021, facing legal challenges. Despite his legal situation, he has remained focused on delivering music to his fans. In 2023 alone, he has released multiple projects, including “Decided 2” earlier this month, collaborating with artists like Rod Wave.

The rapper’s comments shed light on the complexities and challenges artists may face within the music industry, touching on themes of self-awareness and the potential pitfalls that come with fame and entertainment.


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