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Nicki Minaj Expresses Frustration Over Unauthorized Streaming of Unreleased Track “Bahm Bahm”

Nicki Minaj has voiced her frustration after discovering that her unreleased track “Bahm Bahm” made its way to streaming services without her consent. The song was initially released just over a month ago, exclusively on Nicki Minaj’s official website, but was not intended for distribution on mainstream streaming platforms.

Upon learning about the unauthorized release on streaming services, Nicki Minaj took to Twitter (the tweet has since been deleted) to express her displeasure. She criticized the streaming services and demanded the immediate removal of the track, emphasizing the financial impact of the unauthorized release.

In her tweet, Nicki Minaj stated, “Oh hello no! I want all my money back from this thievery! That would’ve been at least an extra 6 to 7 dollars & like 48 cents added to my real account b!ch.” The rapper’s reaction highlights the frustration artists may experience when their music is pirated or released without proper authorization.

Despite the unauthorized release, “Bahm Bahm” reportedly performed well, reaching number 14 on Apple Music’s top Hip-Hop and Rap Songs chart. Fans had been requesting its availability on mainstream streaming services, but Nicki Minaj had not intended for it to be distributed beyond her official website.

This incident underscores the challenges artists face in controlling the distribution of their work and the importance of maintaining control over their creative output in the digital age.


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