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K Soul Drops New Amapiano Party Track “Eye Talk”

Afro Soul/Ama Soul artist K Soul, has released her highly anticipated UK Amapiano party track, “Eye Talk.” With its infectious beats and uplifting message, “Eye Talk” is set to become the head-banging anthem of the year.

Produced by South African producer BlvckNavy, now based in Birmingham, “Eye Talk” showcases K Soul’s exceptional talent and her ability to blend African and Caribbean influences into her music. The track combines the energetic and deep bass-filled groove of the Amapiano genre with elements of UK Garage/House, creating a dynamic and captivating sound that is sure to get listeners on their feet.

K Soul Eye Talk Cover Art

“Eye Talk” is a feel-good track that emphasizes the art of high vibrations and staying true to oneself, despite any negativity or obstacles. K Soul’s soulful vocals, coupled with her charismatic delivery, bring a refreshing energy to the song, which is further enhanced by BlvckNavy’s expert production skills.

Since its release, “Eye Talk” has been making waves in the music scene, generating excitement and gaining traction among fans and critics alike. The track’s catchy hooks, infectious rhythms, and empowering lyrics have resonated with listeners, making it a must-listen for anyone seeking a vibrant and uplifting musical experience.

K Soul, alongside DJ Palms, the Caribbean-born DJ and Executive Producer, and BlvckNavy, are thrilled to share “Eye Talk” with the world. The track is now available on all major streaming platforms, and they invite music lovers everywhere to join the movement and let the infectious beats of “Eye Talk” transport them to a world of positive vibes and undeniable groove.

“Eye Talk” is available on all major streaming platforms here


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