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Yemi Alade Unveils Vibrant Amapiano EP “Mamapiano”

International Afropop sensation Yemi Alade has released her latest EP, Mamapiano, showcasing her widely recognized musical ability with the Amapiano sound which she effectively tries out four brand-new songs.

Mamapiano is soundtracking the mood for the rest of the year into 2024, and its four tracks carry rhythm and melodies that follow you everywhere regardless of the occasion.

“Mamapiano EP is the soundtrack to set the mood for the rest of the year into 2024. Just press play and I’ll do the rest. These four tracks carry rhythm and melodies that accompany you everywhere regardless of the occasion,” she said in a statement

The party tune EFCC is sure to become an instant hit on TikTok, with lyrics structured like an ideal conversation, reminiscent of a lovers’ fight. Afrobeat, dance, Amapiano, hip hop, and pop are among the genres mixed in Get Up, and Yemi Alade’s Michael Jackson influences are evident in this song.

Yemi Alade Mamapiano Ep
Mamapiano ep cover

The song is already quite popular at parties and has an infectious quality. She describes a birthday celebration night she had with her companions on Ogini. It emphasizes the essential components, which include having fun, partying, and indulging in some excesses.

Adding “I just wrapped up my 40 country USA / Europe tour and I decided to end the year on a high with a playlist-gift from me to you. This EP will certainly set the perfect mood and I assure you won’t need to skip a beat.”

Yemi’s dominance on the continent’s music charts in 2023 is sustained with a number of songs, including Lipeka, Fear Love, Fake Friends (Iró Òre), Pounds & Dollars featuring Phyno, BaddieJo Jo featuring Bisa Kdei, and Bright Future featuring Mr. Vegas.


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