Joshua Baraka

Joshua Baraka Unveils All-Star Remix of “Dalilah” ft. Simi and Qing Madi

In true spirit of Women’s History Month, Ugandan breakout star of 2023 Joshua Baraka is out with the release the all-star remix to his sizzling anthem “Dalilah”.

“Dalilah” has emerged as a fan favorite track from Joshua’s third EP, ‘Growing Pains,’ amassing an impressive 1 million streams on Spotify in under 8 weeks. This milestone underscores Joshua’s profound connection with his dedicated fan base, reflecting the deep resonance of his music within the hearts of his listeners.

The official music video for “Dalilah” beautifully captures Joshua’s captivating storytelling and introspective lyricism, setting the stage for the much-anticipated remix featuring Simi and Qing Madi. This dynamic collaboration brings together three trailblazing African artists, each renowned for their outstanding talents and unwavering dedication to music performance.

Joshua Baraka
Joshua baraka

Expressing his enthusiasm for this collaboration, Joshua Baraka shared, “I’m thrilled to be joined by two amazing women on one of my best tracks. To have the opportunity to work with such exceptional talents is an honor that I cannot adequately express in words.”

Following his recent milestone of joining Kenya’s Bien (Sauti Sol) and Xenia Manasseh on a European tour, Joshua Baraka remains committed to sharing his music with a global audience and continuing to elevate African music on the international stage.

At just 22 years old, singer-songwriter Joshua Baraka has rapidly emerged as the fastest rising star in Uganda, becoming one of the most listened to artists in the country. His remarkable journey is marked by sold-out shows, chart-topping hits, and an ever-growing legion of adoring fans. Born and raised in the vibrant yet challenging environment of Bwaise in Kampala district, Joshua’s musical prowess and resilience have propelled him to unprecedented heights, defying the limitations of his humble beginnings.

From a young age, Joshua’s parents recognized his prodigious talent and steadfastly supported his musical pursuits, enabling him to overcome obstacles and pursue his passion for music. His unwavering determination and exceptional musical abilities have earned him widespread acclaim, with his breakout hit “Nana” achieving unprecedented success both locally and internationally.

Reflecting on his remarkable journey, Joshua Baraka shared, “My life has changed so much, it’s crazy! Travelling has given me confidence because it’s made me realize how similar we all are. I’ve interacted with a lot of people I looked up to; Bien, Ghetts, and realizing they’re people like me has shown me I can do it. I’ve seen how universal words are, they transcend everything.”

As Joshua Baraka continues to make an indelible impact on the music landscape, his collaboration with Simi and Qing Madi on the remix of “Dalilah” represents a significant milestone in his artistic journey, further solidifying his position as a rising star with a global reach.

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