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Emo-rap star Hoodie Rob Uzumaki Shares Sonic Masterpiece “What Is Love”

Hoodie Rob Uzumaki has quickly made himself renowned for his groundbreaking fusion of emo-rap and alternative hip-hop, and he now unveils his latest sonic masterpiece, ‘what is love’. This introspective track not only showcases Hoodie’s evolution as an artist but also marks a pivotal moment in contemporary music.

Since bursting onto the scene with his emo-rap classic ‘Misa Misa’ in 2019, Hoodie has continued to push and enhance his sound. Drawing from his diverse musical influences and personal experiences, Hoodie transcends traditional genre labels, seamlessly blending elements of cloud rap, alternative hip-hop, and even punk-rap in places.

With an impressive 3 million streams on his top 10 tracks, Hoodie Rob Uzumaki has cemented his status as an artist to look out for. His forthcoming EP promises to push the boundaries of his artistry even further, offering a bold exploration of sonics and emotion.

‘What is love’ serves as a powerful introduction to Hoodie’s latest musical chapter. Hoodie’s now synonymous autotune vocals showcase his flow and his ability to find those sweet melodic pockets, in what is a very honest and vulnerable offering. Featuring hard-hitting lyricism set against a backdrop of chilled and melancholic lo-fi production, Hoodie delivers a track that is equal parts mesmerising and thought-provoking. It’s introspective and soothing and in the vein of Juice WRLD, The Kid Laroi and DC the Don, with his melodies floating so beautifully across the track, resulting in this immersive and highly relatable sound that is entirely his own.

He shares ““I live in the in-betweens” – In today’s world of endless choices, sometimes the easiest choice is to not make one at all. There is a difference between spending your time and letting your time pass. Letting your time pass is easy. You don’t have to commit to any responsibilities, and you don’t have to make any decisions… I hit the point where I had to take that head on and define not just what success looks like for me as an artist, but what happiness looked like for me as well. This song is the end product of that reflection process”. Connect with Hoodie Rob Uzumaki here.


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