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21 Savage Returns with New Album ‘american dream’

Renowned rapper 21 Savage has made a powerful comeback with his latest album, “american dream.” This 15-track masterpiece delves into the multifaceted aspects of 21 Savage’s journey, offering a captivating exploration of his experiences and growth as an artist. The album beg

ins with a poignant spoken piece by 21 Savage’s mother, Heather Joseph, sharing the sacrifices she made for her son to pursue his version of the American Dream. This personal touch adds a chilling and heartfelt dimension to the project.

The lead track, “All Of Me,” previously teased in the album trailer, showcases 21 Savage reflecting on his rise to fame, acknowledging the challenges he has faced and highlighting his resilience. The album boasts a diverse musical palette, with 21 Savage demonstrating his lyrical prowess and effortlessly navigating street anthems alongside collaborators like Lil Durk, Young Thug, and Travis Scott.

21 Savage American Dream
American dream cover art

One of the standout aspects of the album is 21 Savage’s seamless transition between different styles. From R&B-tinged ballads featuring artists like Summer Walker and Brent Faiyaz to brooding tones alongside Mariah the Scientist, 21 Savage showcases his versatility and comfort in various musical mediums. This album marks a significant evolution in his songwriting, demonstrating his growth as an artist.

The rollout of “american dream” began with 21 Savage dropping breadcrumbs throughout Atlanta, unveiling altered American flags created in collaboration with visual artist Hebru Brantley. These flags, adorned with 21 stars instead of the traditional 50, symbolize the rapper’s personal connection to his music and his experiences as a Black artist in America.

The album is a comprehensive journey that invites fans to delve into the world of 21 Savage and experience the depth and artistry of “american dream.”


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