Saweetie Reflects on Being a ‘Church Baby’ and Singing in the Choir

During a conversation on Anderson .Paak’s House Radio on Apple Music 1, rapper Saweetie discussed her religious upbringing and her connection to the church.

Saweetie shared that she considered herself a “church baby” due to her grandparents, who were pastors and Apostolic Christians. She mentioned spending a lot of time at the church with her grandparents, as they would babysit her while her parents were out. When asked if she sang in the choir, Saweetie humorously mentioned the smell of the microphones as an indicator of a good church. However, she did not reveal whether she received discipline for misbehaving during services.

Despite her success as an artist, Saweetie still tries to attend church whenever she returns home. She expressed her belief that faith is stronger than religion and that she feels she has church every day. Saweetie also shared that she has been giving financially to the church since she was a young girl, always making offerings. Now that she is famous, she mentioned that she continues to support the church by “cutting checks” and emphasized the importance of her prayer warriors in the industry.

“I was a church baby. Monday through Monday,” Saweetie shared.  “I mean, my parents was out, you know, and my grandparents would babysit me. So, I’d be at the church with them.”

When asked if she was in the choir, the “Tap In” rhymer hilariously said, “Yeah, but them mics stank. You know the church good when the mic stink.”

However, she didn’t disclose if she received “whoopings” for misbehaving during service. As a successful artist, Saweetie revealed that she does still try and make it to church whenever she returns home.

“I feel I have church every day because I think faith is stronger than religion, you feel me?” she said regarding exercising her faith wherever she goes.

She also shared that she’s always given back to the church financially since a young age. “I always did offering, even as a little girl. I still do offering,”

she said before revealing that she also “cuts checks” now that she’s famous. “You got to. My prayer warriors. They praying for me in this industry. We got to have that happen,” she said.


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