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Samm Henshaw Explores the Complexities of Fear and Love in “Troubled Ones”

Renowned singer, songwriter, and multi-instrumentalist Samm Henshaw returns with his latest single, “Troubled Ones.” Produced by Josh Grant, “Troubled Ones” is a song about fear, with Samm’s unorganised consciousness spilling into the lyrics. He paints a vivid picture of love’s aspirations and dreams, only to confront the stark realities of doubt and ego.

Taking a well-deserved break following the success of his debut album “Untidy Soul”, the Southeast London native hadn’t stopped since his first single in 2015. Taking some personal time away from music, Samm embarked on a transformative journey, immersing himself in other cultures and creative outlets and revelling in new experiences. Now, infused with fresh inspiration and renewed energy, Samm emerges revitalised and ready to go.

Samm Henshaw Troubled Ones
Troubled ones artwork

“I was trying to figure out what the new vibe was, and I remember having this sort of discussion about fear. I didn’t know how I wanted to write about it, but I wanted to write it differently. So, it is just a song about fear, all these different behaviours you might display based on fear, the way that you might prevent yourself from doing certain things, and just the hold it has over you. It’s also one of my favourite songs for personal reasons.” – Samm Henshaw

Samm’s achievements are not to be overlooked. He has close to 400 million global streams, and one million monthly listeners and has received co-signs from COLORS, Man About Town, GQ, NPR and many more. He is no stranger to big screen wins with various TV and film syncs to boast about, and more recently, his venture into the fashion world saw him front row at London Fashion Week for Ahluwalia and Labrum. Over the years, he’s collaborated with many artists, including songs with Kota The Friend, Tobe Nwigwe, Maverick Sabre, EarthGang, Wretch 32, and has worked with icons Steve McQueen and Quincy Jones.

Entering his thirties has ignited a fresh wave of creativity for Samm, freeing him from the expectations of societal judgement and granting him a newfound sense of liberation. With a passion for all things creative, he is poised to delve deeper into his artistic pursuits in the coming year. While music remains his first love, Samm draws inspiration from photography, fashion, books, and television. He harbours a desire to fuse all these mediums even more so in the future so get ready to embark on an adventure as he invites us again into his world.

Listen to “Troubled Ones” on all platforms here


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