Kenyan Singer Polaris Releases Sultry R&B Single “Una Do”

Following her stint collaborating with different artists locally and internationally, Kenyan singer, songwriter, and vocalist Polaris is stepping out of her cocoon with the release “Una Do” the second single off her debut solo EP ‘Tufanye.’

The single comes in the wake of a new EP and is a follow-up to December’s lead single “Tufanye?”. Produced by Dillie, “Una Do” is a starry R&B cut that explores the courting stage in a brewing romance. Polaris is known for her astute songwriting and ability to capture emotions sonically, and this continues to unravel in this record where she meets the apple of her eye – describing the feelings and chronicles of a lady falling in love with how their partner is treating them.

“It’s a sexy song. It’s basically me shooting my shot at a guy. Sometimes I feel like guys deserve that too. I was just letting my feelings known even though it’s pure lust. I enjoyed it.” – Polaris

Tapping renowned Kenyan beatsmith Dillie, Polaris recalls making the record on a polite night studio session, terming it as one of her best.


“I was with Dillie and I mentioned to him; ‘I want to be an R&B babe in my own way’ and he began making the beat, helping me complete my thoughts. I wrote it in a couple hours. I laid down the verses and the hook came last, and it felt amazing.” – Polaris

Loosely translating to “Things that you do”, the track mulls over into intimate territory with Polaris infatuated and enamoured by the man’s ways. From vulnerability, emotion, and joy, “Una Do” serves the listener a palatable work of art that delves into what happens when two lovers are in a crescendo of emotions and lust.

Polaris has been building her discography with collaborations with artists such as celebrated South African DJ and music producer Prince Kaybee, Afro House pioneer and father of Ancestral Soul, Boddhi Satva, Mayonde, and Muthoni Drummer Queen. “Una Do” shows her growth while allowing listeners to explore her artistic abilities as a solo act. Listen on all platforms here

With the mission to amplify the voices of women and girls in Kenya and beyond, Polaris uses her melodies and everyday happenings to craft stories that uplift, challenge, and inspire.


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