Joeboy Returns With A 2-Pack Single: Adenuga + Concerning

Afrobeat sensation Joeboy returns to the spotlight with a heartfelt two-pack single release, featuring the romantic groove of “Adenuga” (featuring Qing Madi), alongside the introspective musings of “Concerning.”

From the inception of his career, Joeboy has captured hearts with his emotive lyricism and infectious melodies. With his latest offering, he solidifies his status as a modern-day crooner, exploring the various facets of love with authenticity and finesse.

In “Adenuga,” Joeboy teams up with the rising star Qing Madi to deliver a soul-stirring ode to love’s grandeur. Amidst a musical landscape dominated by superficiality, Joeboy’s unapologetic embrace of romance shines through, offering listeners a refreshing glimpse into the power of genuine affection. With smooth vocals and heartfelt harmonies, “Adenuga” is set to become a staple on playlists worldwide.

Adenuga And Concerning Artwork
Adenuga and concerning artwork

On the flip side, “Concerning” delves into the complexities of unrequited love, showcasing Joeboy’s vulnerability and depth as an artist. With poignant lyrics and a melancholic melody, the track captures the tumultuous journey of navigating relationships in the face of rejection. Yet, amidst the pain and confusion, Joeboy’s message remains clear: love is worth the risk, no matter the outcome.

Speaking on the release, Joeboy shares, “Love is a beautiful but sometimes painful journey. With ‘Adenuga’ and ‘Concerning,’ I wanted to explore both the highs and lows of romantic relationships, and I hope listeners can find solace and resonance in these songs.” “I know I am the best lover all my exes have had because when I love, I give my all – Body, mind, money, and soul,” he adds. “Love is a beautiful experience and I always want to be in that euphoric bubble every time. It’s a sweet feeling.”

Produced by Prestige and Swankii respectively, “Adenuga” and “Concerning” showcase Joeboy’s versatility as an artist, cementing his status as one of the industry’s brightest talents.

As Joeboy continues to captivate audiences with his soul-stirring melodies and heartfelt lyricism, “Adenuga” and “Concerning” stand as a testament to his unwavering commitment to musical excellence.


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