Jaz Karis Little Blue Moon

Jaz Karis Debuts Smooth New Video for “Little Blue Moon”

Jaz Karis makes a captivating return with her latest single, “Little Blue Moon,” accompanied by an evocative music video. Produced by Adam Boukis and co-written with Jay Isaiah, the track showcases Karis’s soulful vocals and insightful songwriting.

“Little Blue Moon” explores the complexities of Jaz Karis’s relationship with God, emphasizing themes of reconnection with her roots, strengthening her faith, and embracing personal transformation. The song is a textured masterpiece that resonates with authenticity and depth.

Directed by Ana Liasi and Daisy Maskell, the music video for “Little Blue Moon” adds a visual dimension to Karis’s journey of self-discovery. Shot on The River Lea, the video symbolically mirrors her path, connecting with the past and emerging transformed, culminating in a serene and colorful finale.


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