Highlyy Releases New Single “Higher (C’est La Vie)”

The 19-year-old Afropop sensation, Highlyy, is on a meteoric rise in the music industry, and she has just unveiled her fourth single, “Higher (C’est La Vie).”

Highlyy initially catapulted into stardom with her debut track, “Solider,” and now her distinctive sound is ready for the global stage. This new track, inspired by Amapiano, features lyrics sung in English, French, and Pidgin (Yoruba), delivering an uplifting anthem that embodies self-belief and positivity, empowering young women worldwide. “Higher (C’est La Vie)” sets the stage for Highlyy’s highly anticipated debut EP, “+243,” scheduled for release in November. The EP will feature collaborations with JayO and RSKO.

Highlyy’s “Higher (C’est La Vie)” takes listeners on a musical journey that is both melodically engaging and lyrically empowering. With a fusion of languages and an infectious beat, the single captures the essence of embracing self-belief and the pursuit of dreams. Highlyy’s distinct style, coupled with her strong message of positivity, is resonating with audiences on a global scale.


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