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Earthquake Lights Unveils Emotionally Epic Single “Heartbeat”

NYC based Four-piece rock outfit Earthquake Lights has commenced 2024 with the release of their emotionally charged single, “Heartbeat.” This poignant track serves as a reminder to cherish our loved ones in the face of life’s uncertainties, delving into the unpredictability and fear of loss, particularly the experience of losing people sooner than expected.

Inspired by the loss of a vulnerable family member, “Heartbeat” captures the band’s introspective exploration of the fleeting nature of life and the profound impact of loss. Lead singer Myles Rodenhouse shares, “It’s about that moment before the end – when you know it will end but do not know when exactly.” The song’s programmatic arrangement incorporates a symbolic element, with the kick-drum and bass mimicking the sound of a heart murmur, adding a deeply personal and evocative layer to the composition.

Earthquake Lights’ musical journey has been marked by critical acclaim, with their very first EP earning placements in a national NBA/Tissot ad campaign and an Alex Gibney documentary. Their music has also garnered recognition through multiple Spotify editorial playlists and a placement in Isabel Sandoval’s award-winning film “Lingua Franca,” along with a feature on Vulfpeck’s album “The Joy of Music, The Job of Real Estate.”

Heartbeat” stands as a testament to Earthquake Lights’ ability to craft emotionally resonant narratives that transcend musical boundaries, inviting audiences into a world of introspection and raw emotion. This release is a poignant tribute to the Mikel Sisters and a powerful reminder of the importance of treasuring our loved ones amidst life’s uncertainties.

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