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Zaytoven Confesses He Used to Remove Future’s Verses from Songs

Zaytoven and Future are a musical duo that has been responsible for numerous hits, including “Real Sisters,” “Just Like Bruddas,” and “Feds Did A Sweep.” However, Zaytoven recently admitted that he initially doubted Future’s talent early in their careers.

In a recent interview on the “R&B Money Podcast,” Zaytoven stated that he “didn’t think Future was all that good” when they first started working together. He even went so far as to admit that he would sometimes remove Future’s verses from songs.

“I remember Rocko used to bring Future to my house in the studio and they’d do a song, and I’d take Future’s verse off the song,” Zaytoven said. “That’s how much I didn’t really like his stuff. Now, he’s my favorite to me right now. Ain’t nobody better than him. But back then it’s like, ‘Ahh, that ain’t it.’ He was getting his reps in.”

This is a surprising revelation, especially considering how successful Future has become. However, it also highlights the importance of perseverance and hard work. Future never gave up on his dream, and eventually, he proved Zaytoven wrong.

Zaytoven also discussed another pivotal moment in their collaboration – the creation of Future’s seminal mixtape, “Dirty Sprite.” Zaytoven initially wasn’t sure about the project, but he was ultimately glad that Future decided to use his beats.

“But when it came out, and it tore up the streets and that’s all you could listen to. Thank God he rapped on my beats,” Zaytoven said. “I was praying my song was on there.”

“Dirty Sprite” was a major success for Future, and it helped to solidify his place as one of the biggest rappers in the world. It’s also a testament to the strength of the partnership between Zaytoven and Future.

Zaytoven’s honesty about his doubts about Future is refreshing and inspiring. It shows that even the most successful artists have to start somewhere, and that sometimes, it takes a little longer for people to see your true potential.


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