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Liza Jane Drops Energetic Anthem “Man Or The Monster” – Stonebridge Remix

Award-winning soprano singer-songwriter Liza Jane has released the immersive and energetic Stonebridge remix of her powerful single, “Man Or The Monster.” This captivating anthem delves into the dark world of infidelity, drawing listeners in with enticing synths and danceable, club-driven drum beats.

Produced by Shayon Daniels and remixed by iconic dance music mastermind Stonebridge, “Man Or The Monster” pulsates with Gaga-esque frequencies, led by Liza Jane’s powerful vocals. The track takes listeners on a journey from gaslit devastation to self-reclamation, combining vulnerability and empowerment in a single song.

Liza Jane describes the track as delving into the complexities of a betrayed love affair, portraying a partner living a double life similar to the duality of the iconic Batman villain, Two-Face. The enigmatic persona depicted could manifest in either gender, transcending traditional boundaries. The accompanying music video, directed by Joseph Spence, adds to the suspenseful and seductive atmosphere, showcasing a moody and macabre narrative as Liza Jane learns of her partner’s infidelity and confronts it during her nightclub performance.

Speaking about the remix, Stonebridge expresses his enthusiasm, saying, “As much as I loved remixing Liza Jane’s new single ‘Man Or The Monster,’ I was equally excited to be working on ‘Sacrifice’ (the forthcoming 2024 single), giving it that special edge too!”

The bold production and visual storytelling of “Man Or The Monster” highlight Liza Jane’s undeniable artistry. With a lifelong passion for singing and a dedicated fan base worldwide, this rising starlet has honed her unique style and grace, establishing herself as a force to be reckoned with.

“Man Or The Monster” is now available on all major streaming platforms. Experience the power and allure of Liza Jane’s music as she continues to captivate audiences with her undeniable talent and storytelling prowess.


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