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Jordy Collaborates with JME on New Single ‘Wonderkid’

Rapper Jordy, hailing from North London but rooted in Essex, enlisted grime legend JME to deliver his much-anticipated single, “Wonderkid.”

Jordy’s inaugural single of the year comes alongside announcing another project titled ‘SNM,’ the final installment in his trilogy following the well-received ‘SMH’ and ‘KMT.’ The acronym ‘SNM,’ standing for ‘Say No More,’ emphasizes Jordy’s commitment to letting his music speak for itself. The accompanying music video was shot by acclaimed director Charlie Sarsfield at Untold Studios, known for previous collaborations with Stormzy and Kojey Radical. The hauntingly compelling production, crafted by Maths Time Joy, provides a canvas for both artists to weave clever rhymes laden with punchlines, showcasing why they command such respect in the UK scene. ‘Wonderkid’ refers to a young individual whose prowess in their field rivals someone more seasoned and experienced. In this collaboration, Jordy, a wonderkid of Rap, collaborates with JME, a wonderkid of Grime, highlighting their excellence in their respective disciplines. Currently navigating his pre-album phase, Jordy is going from strength to strength, and this collaboration stands as a testament to his continuous artistic growth.

Jordy’s ascent to prominence can be attributed to his storytelling prowess. Evolving into one of the most revered voices in the UK Rap scene, he proudly carries the title of every rapper’s rapper. The year 2021 marked a significant milestone for him, with the release of his critically acclaimed EP, ‘SMH,’ propelling him into the spotlight as the one to watch for 2022, according to renowned platforms such as Complex, Hypebeast, Wonderland, Mixtape Madness, and Viper Magazine. In 2022, Jordy continued his musical journey with the release of ‘KMT,’ a Rap-heavy 6-track EP that served as a powerful follow-up to ‘SMH.’ This project showcased his exceptional penmanship, clever punchlines, and dynamic flow, solidifying his position as one of the best lyricists in the UK scene. Additionally, he collaborated with his cousin, the emerging rapper Elt Cheekz, on a joint mixtape titled ‘IF I COULDN’T RAP, I WOULDN’T RAP.’ Jordy’s commitment to his craft extends to fearless freestyles, with notable appearances on platforms such as Mad About Bars and Hardest Bars. Throughout his musical journey, he has collaborated with a distinguished roster of artists, including Ghetts, Kojey Radical, Joel Baker, James Vickery, Sam Wise, Wretch 32, and Songer. JME is now joining this array of talent.

Jordy navigates the diverse realms of his musical journey effortlessly, seamlessly weaving between his solo endeavours, the dynamic Filthy Fellas platform, and the vibrant collective Vibbar. Recently, The Guardian bestowed well-deserved recognition upon Filthy Fellas for impactful contributions to the sport, securing them a spot among the top 5 pundits of the season. In the relentless pursuit of making his mark, 2023 was a standout year for Jordy. Notable highlights included supporting the acclaimed Virginia rapper ‘Pusha T’ during the ‘Its Almost Dry’ UK tour and commanding stages at the prestigious Reading and Leeds festivals. July marked the release of ‘The Love Ting,’ the galvanizing music video for the lead single ‘Too Much,’ featuring Louis Rei, earning widespread acclaim within the music scene and beyond. This project marked a departure from Jordy’s comfort zone, as he collaborated with vocal powerhouses JADA and Kehina, delving into unexplored facets of his artistry and expressing admiration for R&B. Jordy has cultivated a buzz in the UK Rap scene, garnering praise from influential voices such as Rebecca Judd, Dotty, Target, Kenny Allstar, Sian Anderson, and Victoria Jane, among numerous others.

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