Delphi’s “Free/Someday” Offers a Soul-Lifting and Uplifting Musical Experience

Rising Swedish pop star Delphi, with Caribbean and West African roots, has released her latest single, “Free/Someday,” a genre-bending track that uplifts the soul with its rich melodies and dynamic grooves. Inspired by the global distress in places like Palestine, Sudan, and Congo, Delphi aims to ease our souls and instill hope through her music.

“Free/Someday” seamlessly fuses R&B, afro beats, samba rhythms, and contemporary instrumentation, creating a vibrant soundscape for Delphi’s soothing vocal runs. The lyrics deliver an uplifting message, expressing empathy and care in these turbulent times. Lines like “Won’t be there to see you cry, but I’m somewhere, somewhere, won’t pick you up when you’re down, but I care, I care” showcase Delphi’s poignant take on pressing and important issues today.

The soulful and thought-provoking nature of “Free/Someday” highlights Delphi’s musical prowess and her ability to address significant themes while delivering lush instrumentation. As a rising star in the Swedish music scene, Delphi continues to captivate listeners with her unique blend of genres and her heartfelt lyrics.

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