Darian King

Darian King Shares Empowering Single “Everything I Do Is Me”

Darian King, a Canadian hip-hop artist, has recently dropped a powerful new song titled “Everything I Do Is Me.” This track serves as the opening song for his upcoming album, which focuses on delivering a deeper and more genuine message in each song. Darian King shares that if listeners resonate with this vibe, he will share more tracks from the album.

The inspiration behind “Everything I Do Is Me” came from a moment of frustration when someone questioned Darian’s identity and choices. The song serves as a reminder that it doesn’t matter what others say or expect from you. It encourages listeners to be unapologetically themselves and embrace their uniqueness, regardless of the consequences.

Darian King - Everything I Do Is Me

Darian King is a rising force in the Canadian hip-hop scene and is making his mark through collaborations with top artists, labels, and producers. He describes his style of music as “calm energy,” where he intentionally contrasts the beat by delivering lower and deeper vocals if the instrumental is high-energy and loud, and vice versa. His writing is diverse, having penned hundreds of songs for various artists.

As a producer, artist, manager, and A&R, Darian King possesses a unique level of experience in the industry. Music runs through his core, and he has had the opportunity to work with renowned producers and artists in the same studio as legends like Michael Jackson, Kanye West, and Drake. Alongside his music career, Darian owns and operates an independent label and studio called Suite16 Entertainment.

Darian King’s melodic voice, mastery of auto-tune, and captivating stage presence make him an artist to watch. He brings positive vibes and good energy to his music, as reflected in his hashtag #pvge. For more information, you can reach Darian King’s management at management@suite16.ca or visit his website darianking.ca. You can also connect with him on Instagram @vanityking.


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