Astral Bakers

Astral Bakers Tease Debut Album With ‘I Don’t Remember’

French indie sensation Astral Bakers offers a glimpse into their highly anticipated debut album and upcoming tour with the release of the stunning single, “I Don’t Remember.” This track serves as a compelling calling card for the band, weaving together gritty shimmering tones with poignant lyrics that unfold reluctantly.

Drawing inspiration from a range of influences, including Beach Boys-era rock ‘n’ roll, grunge, and indie songwriting, “I Don’t Remember” showcases a tapestry of heartfelt yearning. Nico Lockhart’s piercing lead guitar lines intertwine with Theodora’s commanding bassline and Zoé Hochberg’s double kick on drums, creating a rhythmic backbone that captures the essence of Astral Bakers’ evolving sonic prowess.

As Sage leans into the microphone, delivering vocals with a sigh, the song explores themes of loss and longing, adding depth to its emotional landscape. The refrain, with its sing-along quality, beckons listeners into the echoing sentiment of “I still see you every time,” creating a captivating and immersive experience.

With an upcoming headline show at La Maroquinerie in Paris and the promise of their debut album in early 2024, Astral Bakers sets the stage for an exciting musical journey. “I Don’t Remember” serves as a mesmerizing preview of the band’s evolving sound, leaving fans eager for more from this rising indie outfit.


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