4Fargo She'Ll Be Alright

4Fargo Drops Steamy Music Video for Breakout Hit ‘She’ll Be OK’

Generating widespread excitement as an artist to watch, buzzing Decatur, GA singer, songwriter, and performer 4Fargo shares the music video for his breakout hit “She’ll Be OK” today via Republic Records. Listen HERE.

Like with everything 4Fargo does, the visual tells a story. In the clip, he pulls up to his girl’s house with roses in hand. Setting the scene, the lusty video threads together moments of intense passion, heating up to a boiling point in the bedroom as he sings to the camera with unfiltered emotion. It seamlessly depicts the energy of the track on-screen! “She’ll Be OK” has already gone from a social media phenomenon to a fan favorite with over 15 million streams to date and maintaining momentum with gaining half a million streams a week months after the original song was released. It’s one of the hottest songs in Atlanta adding to the city’s R&B footprint.


Meanwhile, he has recently appeared on Tha Purple Shell podcast, Off the Porch, #10PIECECOMBO, and Full Circle Now. Everything just paves the way for a lot more music to come from 4Fargo. Get ready!

For now, enjoy “She’ll Be OK.”

About 4Fargo

For as much as 4Fargo bends his smooth vocals to the whim of the beat, he also stretches his emotions just as far. The Decatur, GA singer, songwriter, and performer projects unfiltered feelings across R&B soundscapes, holding nothing back when it comes to life, lust, and love. With an inimitable tone and innate knack for a hook, his music sounds like falling into a bed you never want to leave wrapped in the embrace of his voice. As the oldest of seven kids, he spent his childhood bouncing back and forth between his mom and grandmother. No matter where he went, music would be a constant. Choosing the name 4Fargo, he doubled down on writing and recording at the age of twenty-one. During 2020, he introduced himself with “cry river,” generating hundreds of thousands of streams. He collaborated with the likes of Tricky Nicki and Tokyo Vanity and maintained his momentum with “Friends Before Lovers,” “Can’t Explain,” and “Hear Me Out.” In 2023, he caught fire with “She’ll Be Ok.” He initially teased the track with a viral snippet on Facebook before inciting a trend of his own Instagram Reels. It eventually tallied 15 million streams as he appeared on Off The Porch and From The Block. After independently gathering millions of streams and views, he captivates with a slick signature style—which he fittingly dubs “Express & B”—on a series of singles and his debut project for Republic Records.


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