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Uncle Waffles Shares New Single “Wadibusa”

Multi-platinum international DJ-producer Uncle Waffles released her first single of 2024, “Wadibusa.” In this new song featuring Royal MusiQ, Ohp Sage, PCEE, and Djy Biza, Waffles returns with the iconic upbeat dance rhythms that propelled her into stardom.

Hailed as the “Princess of Amapiano,” Uncle Waffles is back with the ultimate summertime banger as Amapaino continues its meteoric rise within the music scene. Following the weekly cadence of teasers Waffles began to deliver across her social media platforms, fans anxiously awaited the official release of the single, yearning to finally indulge in the full track.

The song begins with a steady tempo of traditional Amapiano sounds as vocals seamlessly blend in over Waffles’ euphoric and buoyant production. Her iconic tribal beats culminate in a melody of drums, cymbals, distant sounds of alarms, and swift reverbs.

Wadibusa Final Artwork
Wadibusa final artwork

World-renowned DJ-producer Uncle Waffles is taking over the music scene by bringing the South African Amapiano genre to the forefront. Often referred to as the “Princess of Amapiano,” Uncle Waffles has been making her rounds with international tours/performances and most recently performed at Coachella and Cannes this year. Despite being only 24 years old, Waffles has solidified her position in the industry in a way that hasn’t been done before. Last year, she was nominated for a BET AWARD, nominated for a Headies Award, honored as the first Amapiano artist to perform at Coachella 2023, garnered nearly 2.4M followers on Instagram and over 2M followers on TikTok, and has amassed over 100K+ subscribers on YouTube. Since the beginning of her musical journey, she’s garnered major cosigns from top artists including Drake, Beyonce, Ciara, and more.

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