Saràh Phenom

Saràh Phenom Unveils Captivating New Single “10%”

Rwanda-born, London-based artist Saràh Phenom has ushered in a new era with the release of her sizzling new single, “10%”. This marks her first single in two years, and it arrives with a cool RnB groove, ingenious synth melodies, and clever lyrical metaphors that draw parallels between relationships and phone batteries. In the track, she sings, “You’re on my mind again / but I’m on like 10%,” set against flawless production by Guilty Beatz and TMXO.

Describing the song, Saràh shares, “The song is a love song, with a twist. It really is about things that girls and everyone goes through in relationships. It’s the push and pull between two people that just can’t get on the same page. As much as they’re attracted to each other, they’re equally frustrated with each other, and the track takes you through that journey.”

Saràh’s upcoming EP is a vibrant compilation of tracks that encapsulate two years of accumulated experiences. It embodies the excitement, daring, and complexity of her journey, offering listeners a glimpse into her life as a woman who grew up in Rwanda, matured in Europe, and is now forging her path in London’s music scene.

A luminary in the world of music and fashion, Saràh Phenom’s artistic journey has been shaped by her unique upbringing and diverse cultural influences. Her musical inspiration stems from the rich tapestry of sounds she grew up with, influenced heavily by her grandfather’s love for Latin and classical music. Artists like Beyoncé, Rihanna, Janet Jackson, Tina Turner, Madonna, Missy Elliott, and Lady Gaga have also played a significant role in shaping her musical vision, admired for their versatility, confidence, and unapologetic artistry.

Saràh Phenom is more than an artist; she’s a cultural phenomenon whose work transcends geographical and emotional boundaries, inviting us all to partake in her extraordinary journey through music and fashion.


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