MOSAICS’ ‘Tears on the Underground’ Tackles Mental Wellbeing in Urban Chaos

Rising indie-rock quartet MOSAICS delves into the complexities of mental wellbeing amid the hustle of urban life with their latest track, “Tears on the Underground.” The song seamlessly combines the energetic spirit of indie-rock with a poignant narrative, exploring the quiet struggles faced by individuals in public spaces.

Driven by a dynamic rhythm section, the track features glittering guitars and the melodic allure of the saxophone, creating a sonic landscape that complements the thoughtful lyrics. The infectious main vocals, accompanied by choir-like backing, deliver an earworm melody that lingers with listeners even after the final notes fade away.

Mosaics Tears On The Underground
Tears on the underground cover art

According to the band, the inspiration behind the song came from observing the awkward silence of passengers when someone is visibly struggling on public transport. The lyrics ponder whether people are too busy to notice or simply unsure of how to respond to someone in need.

MOSAICS masterfully blends the revival of 90s rock with the contemporary shine of indie, establishing their signature fusion of fuzzy tones, anthemic choruses, and introspective storytelling. “Tears on the Underground” is another compelling addition to their repertoire, inviting music lovers to connect with their uplifting yet reflective musical realm.

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