Midas The Jagaban

Midas The Jagaban Unveils Visuals for “Ma Jo Lo” Single

Afro-pop sensation Midas The Jagaban has recently released the visuals for her latest single, “Ma Jo Lo.” This follows the success of her previous project, “Midas Touch Vol 2: Return Of The Mask,” which was released in November.

Translated as “don’t stop dancing” in Yoruba, “Ma Jo Lo” is a rhythm-infused hit that combines elements of traditional afrobeats with R&B influences. The track features captivating guitar riffs and saxophone licks, creating a unique and thrilling sound that reflects Midas The Jagaban’s South London roots and Nigerian heritage.

The accompanying visuals for “Ma Jo Lo” further enhance the vibrant and energetic nature of the song. Fans can check out the music video to experience the full visual and auditory experience.


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