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Matt McKnzi Releases Introspective Pop-Soul Reflection “Roar”

Singer-songwriter and producer Matt McKnzi, hailing from New England, has recently released his latest song titled “Roar.” This dreamy and introspective pop-soul track showcases McKnzi’s raw vocals and haunting lyrics, taking listeners on a journey of truth and empowerment.

“Roar” is a captivating musical release that delves into the depths of self-reflection. With its moody piano progression and rhythmic climax, the song captures the rise and fall of the lyrical narrative, a characteristic feature in McKnzi’s storytelling. The track encourages listeners to stand in their power unapologetically and not let the opinions of others hinder their dreams. The final lyric, “hear my roar, cause I can’t scream anymore,” serves as a powerful declaration of embracing authenticity and letting go of the need for validation.

Matt Mcknzi  Roar
Matt mcknzi roar artwork

Matt McKnzi’s musical style encompasses alternative pop, soul, and R&B. His artistry is not confined by conventional genre rules, as he draws major vocal influences from Hip-Hop and the Blues. Through his profound and emotionally-charged lyrics, McKnzi paints a picture of a past marked by toxic relationships and addictive tendencies. His ability to adapt his narrative across different musical styles adds intrigue, curiosity, and excitement to his art, offering a fresh perspective on the complexities of the human experience.

“Roar” is a testament to Matt McKnzi’s talent as a singer-songwriter and his ability to craft introspective and thought-provoking music. His unique blend of genres and deeply personal storytelling sets him apart as an artist to watch.

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