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Major League DJz and Victony Collaborate on “Margaret”

Global Amapiano duo, Major League DJz, has teamed up with Afrobeats star Victony for their latest hit, “Margaret.” This transatlantic drill banger seamlessly merges New York and London drill vibes, showcasing the diverse soundscape of the track. The song emanates an ethereal feel and liberating energy, with its soft Amapiano beat and beautifully-layered production. Victony’s sweet vocals add an extra layer of depth, creating an insatiable listening experience.

“Margaret” is not just a single, but a gift that keeps on giving. It has been released alongside three colorful remixes, featuring an array of South African music-makers. This 4-track body of work takes listeners on a journey through different musical realms, showcasing the versatility and creativity of Major League DJz.

This release marks the bold beginning of what is set to be a great year for Major League DJz, who have a series of highly-anticipated releases planned. Their ability to merge global influences and create captivating music has solidified their position as ambassadors of the Amapiano genre.

Listeners are encouraged to check out the video for “Margaret” by Major League DJz and Victony, immersing themselves in the enriching soundscape and vibrant energy of the track. This collaboration represents a significant moment in the global music scene, highlighting the power of cross-cultural collaboration and the influence of the Amapiano genre.


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