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Liv Miraldi Releases Powerful New Single “Teeth”

Ohio native turned LA-based songwriter and artist Liv Miraldi has unveiled her poignant new single, “Teeth.” Known for her viral hits “Wingwoman” and “Same People,” as well as her prolific work as a songwriter collaborating with notable artists such as Tinashe, Mod Sun, and more, Liv Miraldi’s latest release marks a deeply personal and introspective exploration of mental health struggles and the complexities of personal well-being.

“Teeth” serves as a cautionary tale, shedding light on the facade of perfection often presented on social media, juxtaposed against the internal battles and hardships individuals may face. Liv Miraldi candidly shares her own experiences of grappling with heartbreak, loss, and depression during a time when her public image portrayed a life of success and fulfillment.

Her journey as a songwriter has led her to collaborate with a diverse range of artists, helping them find their sound and tell their stories with authenticity and depth.

With “Teeth,” Liv Miraldi continues to carve a space for herself as an artist unafraid to tackle profound themes and navigate the complexities of the human experience. As she prepares to release her new project, “2019,” in 2024, audiences can anticipate further compelling narratives and introspective reflections from this talented and introspective artist.

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