Junior Shares Groovy Nu-Disco Track ‘Tonight(I Like It)’

Rapper, singer, and producer Junior, hailing from Bedford, unleashes the infectious nu-disco vibes of “Tonight(I Like It).” The groovy production effortlessly sways between bouncy bass lines and playful percussion, creating a track with the sole intent of getting people on the dance floor.

Opening with a sample from Roberta Flack’s iconic “Killing Me Softly With His Song,” the song bursts to life with Junior’s charismatic delivery, exuding good vibes and offering irresistibly sleek dance moments. The punchy string section and clap hits further elevate the track, making it a captivating musical journey.

Junior Tonight(I Like It)
Tonight(i like it)

Built on Junior’s signature free-flowing and organic writing style, “Tonight(I Like It)” highlights his ability to experiment authentically. The track serves as a testament to his evolving sound, adapting to his surroundings and experiences. With coming-of-age tales woven into the anthemic musicality, Junior solidifies himself as a promising and dynamic artist in the music scene.

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