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Jesse Lynn Madera Unveils “Speed of Sound” Album

Singer-songwriter Jesse Lynn Madera is out with her eagerly awaited second album, “Speed of Sound,” following the success of her debut, “Fortunes,” in 2020. Teaming up with producers Dan Navarro, Jim Scott, and Ryan Hadlock, Madera delivers an 11-song collection that is an artful, eclectic, and emotionally charged journey.

The album kicks off with the boisterous anthem, “Austin,” noted as a “Best New Country” track by Holler Country, setting the pace for the album with its classic rock-inspired tune. Transitioning seamlessly, the album takes a graceful turn with the wistful and reflective duet, “Last Call,” featuring co-writer Dan Navarro. This harmony-laden track pays homage to the folk-pop gems of the 60s and 70s.

“This record marks a graduation and awakening for me. I learned so much making it and made lifelong friends in the process. Dan Navarro and Jim Scott were originally only supposed to produce one song… and before we knew it, fourteen songs were recorded but we narrowed the batch to eleven, which was the number I’d really wanted, the angel number. The third producer on ‘Speed of Sound’ is the genius Ryan Hadlock. What an incredible experience it was to get to work and stay at his Bear Creek Studios in Woodinville, WA… he has created a creative home away from home up there outside of Seattle.” – Jesse Lynn Madera

Madera’s journey as a musician began early, influenced by her self-taught musician grandparents in West Virginia. Her cross-country moves during childhood led to early songwriting, shaping her rich interior world. “Speed of Sound” showcases Madera’s growth as a storyteller and vocalist, delving even deeper into her ability to convey a range of emotions.

Drawing inspiration from the golden age of empowered female artists and singer-songwriters, Madera’s vocal stylings echo the best of the 90s while embracing country influences reminiscent of a young Dolly Parton and the directness of a Linda Ronstadt study.

Jesse Lynn Madera Speed Of Sound
Speed of sound artwork

Madera’s capacity to perform with transparency and sensibility across a vast emotional range has garnered attention from critics and peers alike. Her music captivates with its dramatic, ethereal, and otherworldly tone, drawing comparisons to the brilliance of Kate Bush and the confessional pop sensibilities of Tori Amos.

In 2022, Music Connection recognized Madera in its Hot 100 list of the Best Unsigned Artists, and she emerged as one of twelve finalists in the Americana category in the Unsigned Only 2023 competition.

With a dedicated fan base cultivated through captivating live performances, Madera’s touring history includes sold-out shows at iconic venues such as New York’s Bitter End and Nashville’s The Bluebird. She has graced notable festivals like Mile 0, 30A, Annapolis Songwriters, and Mile of Music, and headlined for WMOT’s Finally Friday. Notable supporting acts include The Zombies, Dan Navarro, Maddie Poppe, and Mary Fahl.

Jesse Lynn Madera’s “Speed of Sound” is a testament to her artistry and emotional depth, solidifying her position as a captivating and versatile musician.

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