Jada And Will Smith

Jada Pinkett Smith Affirms Commitment to Will Snith in Recent Interview

In a recent interview on The Drew Barrymore Show, Jada Pinkett Smith provided an update on her marriage with Will Smith, stating that they are currently in a stage of acceptance of each other. The revelation follows earlier reports this year when Jada disclosed that the two had been secretly separated for years.

During the interview, Jada shared insights into the evolving dynamics of their relationship. She expressed that one of the next stages in relationships involves learning to accept oneself fully and extending that acceptance to one’s partner. Jada emphasized that accepting Will as he is and learning to love both him and herself has been a significant part of their journey.

Jada concluded the discussion by affirming their commitment to each other, stating, “We’re staying together forever.”

The initial revelation of the separation came when Jada discussed the infamous Oscars slap involving Will Smith. She explained that the use of the term “wife” caught her off guard, revealing that they hadn’t referred to each other as husband and wife in a long time. Despite the challenges, Jada expressed her commitment to standing by Will’s side through the storm.


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