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Earthquake Lights Releases Inspiring Single “January”

NYC-based four-piece rock outfit Earthquake Lights has just released their latest single titled “January.” The track takes listeners on a journey of catharsis and relief, exploring themes of acceptance, optimism, and persistence. With their signature sound and meaningful lyrics, Earthquake Lights captivate their audience, providing a sense of comfort and motivation.

Formed during their college years, the band quickly gained success with their debut EP, earning placements in a national NBA/Tissot ad campaign and an Alex Gibney documentary. Their music has received critical acclaim, securing multiple Spotify editorial playlists and even being featured in Isabel Sandoval’s award-winning film “Lingua Franca.” Additionally, Earthquake Lights had the honor of being featured on Vulfpeck’s album “The Joy of Music, The Job of Real Estate.”

“January,” their latest single, beautifully depicts the journey towards catharsis and relief. It delves into the importance of accepting one’s past while embracing optimism for the future and persisting through challenges. Lead singer Myles Rodenhouse emphasizes the significance of living in the present and pursuing one’s current aspirations. The lyrics, written by poet Andy Axel, cleverly use the metaphor of birds traveling south for the winter. In this story, a bird flies south in January and survives the harsh winter weather due to sheer determination and the willingness to move forward.

Sonically, “January” emits a joyous and hopeful feeling. The track features spacious, airy harmonies that envelop the listener, creating a sense of peace and inspiration. Earthquake Lights’ ability to blend their unique sound with meaningful lyrics makes “January” a standout single that resonates deeply with their audience.

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