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Earthquake Lights and Lindsey Lomis Collaborate on “Pictures”

Brooklyn-based rock outfit Earthquake Lights has joined forces with the talented vocalist Lindsey Lomis to release their latest single, “Pictures.” This captivating collaboration serves as an allegorical exploration of the cultural impact of social media and its influence on modern relationships, offering an introspective and evocative narrative that resonates with the challenges of contemporary connectivity.

“Pictures” delves into the concept of mutually unrequited love, reflecting on the role of social media in perpetuating nostalgia and romanticization of past relationships, friendships, and fleeting connections. The song’s poignant lyrics, tinged with a dark and moody undertone, explore the feelings of missing out and the uncertainty surrounding the significance of virtual connections in our lives.

Tinged with enchanting melodies and sultry, velvet vocals, “Pictures” showcases a harmonious blend of Earthquake Lights’ evocative sound and Lindsey Lomis’s unapologetic vocal prowess. Lomis’s emotive delivery of the lyrics, “Am I just a picture? Do you ever look for me? And I wonder if you saw me, would you tell me you remember my face?” captures the essence of longing and introspection, inviting listeners to contemplate the complexities of modern relationships in the digital age.

Earthquake Lights’ frontman, Myles Rodenhouse, reflects on the inspiration behind the song, stating, “The lyrics were inspired essentially by an era that’s defined by pictures and feelings of missing out, or wondering about someone that may be in some memory, possibly just out of reach but still barely relevant. Wondering if they actually care to remember you, or if it’s even worth remembering one another and losing any sleep over.”

Speaking about the collaboration with Lindsey Lomis, Earthquake Lights expresses admiration for her vocal ability, emphasizing her unapologetic focus and exceptional talent that perfectly complements the essence of “Pictures.”

Lindsey Lomis, who was featured on Jacob Collier’s latest album on the song “Cinnamon Crush” and is about to embark on a tour with him in April, brings her emotive and captivating presence to “Pictures,” elevating the song to a captivating and introspective musical experience.

“Pictures” marks a significant and introspective addition to Earthquake Lights’ impressive musical catalog, solidifying their position as a band unafraid to tackle profound themes and navigate the complexities of modern relationships through their distinctive sound.

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