Cocanina Releases Sensual Dancehall Single “God Fada” Featuring Armanii

Rising Canadian singer, rapper, and songwriter Cocanina has recently released her latest song titled “God Fada,” featuring Armanii. This catchy and energetic track combines sexy modern vibes with dancehall influences, offering a fresh take on The Godfather theme.

“God Fada” is a vibrant and dance-worthy song that draws inspiration from the dancehall movement and drums. Cocanina’s sultry vocals, combined with the collaboration with Armanii, create a dynamic and captivating blend of talent. The song is bound to make listeners vibe and move to its infectious rhythm.

Cocanina - God Fada
Cocanina – god fada artwork

Cocanina, born Cocoa Michelle Desvignes Bell, is a Toronto-born artist of English and Tobagonian heritage. Raised in the Jane and Finch area by a single mother, Cocanina has been influenced by musical greats such as Lauryn Hill, Eartha Kitt, and The Notorious B.I.G. Her unique style and versatility in multiple genres and languages set her apart as an artist. Cocanina’s ability to connect with a wide range of listeners through her own written material allows her to share personal experiences and forge meaningful connections with her supporters.

With “God Fada,” Cocanina showcases her talent and creativity in merging different musical influences. Her ability to infuse sexy modern vibes with dancehall elements creates a fresh and captivating sound that resonates with listeners.

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