BTS Drops Trailer for Disney+ Series ‘Monuments: Beyond the Star’

Global sensation BTS has given fans a sneak peek into their upcoming Disney+ docuseries, ‘Monuments: Beyond the Star.’ The dynamic trailer, released on November 28, takes viewers on an emotional journey, offering glimpses into the group’s extraordinary rise from trainees to global superstars.

The trailer kicks off with poignant shots from BTS’s early days, highlighting the members’ relentless dedication and passion during their trainee years. As the narrative unfolds, the series captures the pivotal moments that propelled BTS to international stardom, from winning awards to headlining stadiums in the United States.

However, the momentum came to a sudden halt with the onset of the 2020 pandemic. The documentary poignantly portrays the challenges faced by the group as their tour was canceled, and their daily routines were disrupted. “It felt like we were leveling up,” reflects J-Hope on the transformative journey.

Despite the setbacks, BTS emerged stronger than ever, showcasing their resilience during the Permission to Dance On Stage in the US tour. The members also delved into individual projects, each achieving Billboard Hot 100 hits and leaving an indelible mark on the music industry. The trailer hints at the group’s reunion in 2025, promising fans a continued era of innovation and success.

With the tagline “10 Years of BTS and Beyond,” the eight-part ‘Monuments’ series is set to debut on Disney+ on December 20. The episodes will be released in pairs every Wednesday over four weeks, offering an intimate and comprehensive look at BTS’s remarkable journey.

BTS previously collaborated with Disney+ for their ‘Permission to Dance On Stage – LA’ concert film, available for streaming on the platform. As anticipation builds for ‘Monuments: Beyond the Star,’ fans worldwide eagerly await the in-depth exploration of BTS’s unparalleled impact on the global music landscape


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