Anjůl Romeo

Anjůl Romeo Returns With New Afrobeats Single “Je T’aime”

Miami-based musician Anjůl Romeo has released his new afrobeats track, titled “Je T’aime.” The song is a vibrant and energetic composition that captures the essence of celebration, good vibes, and the joy of dancing. With captivating verses and an infectious chorus, “Je T’aime” invites listeners to lose themselves in the rhythm and embrace the moment.

Anjůl Romeo has made a name for himself as a versatile artist, displaying his rap and DJ skills with finesse. His collaborations with established professionals in the music industry, both nationally and abroad, including DJ Khaled, Sonny Digital, and Alex Marley, have solidified his position as a prominent figure in the music scene.

Anjůl Romeo - Je T'Aime
Anjůl romeo – je t’aime

In 2016, Anjůl broke out as a solo artist, opening for DMX and embarking on a tour along the east coast, where he left a lasting impression with his captivating performances. Since January of 2019, Anjůl has been on a remarkable journey, traveling from city to state, and state to country, collaborating with talented musicians from around the world.

Anjůl’s dedication to his musical craft is evident in the way he overcame countless obstacles on his path to success. His hard work and unwavering passion for music have fueled his journey, allowing him to continue pursuing his musical dream with determination and resilience.

“Je T’aime” is a testament to Anjůl Romeo’s ability to create music that resonates with a global audience. The song’s infectious energy and vibrant lyrics reflect Anjůl’s commitment to delivering impactful and captivating musical experiences. Connect with Anjůl Romeo  on Instagram and Spotify


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